Earn money as
Country Manager de Surfland

What do you need to learn surfing?

Just one thing! Time

(and a little help from the phone, of course)

En 2023, el tamaño del mercado global del surf fue de diez MIL MILLONES DE DÓLARES, y está creciendo un 30% cada 2 años.

¿Quieres ser Country Manager?

Beneficios como Country Manager

You will have a 5% of all income in your region generated in Surfland. That is to say, of the billing done all the shops, schools, surf camps and accommodations through the App, your you will receive a 5%.
A surf shop bill on average a X€ a month. We anticipate that with Surfland them will improve a 20% turnover. Considering the volume of shops that are in your region, in a very short time you'll be getting an economic benefit to high thanks to this collaboration.

“You'll be a 5% commission of the billing”

This means that if you meet all of the objectives that you have just presented YOU CAN EASILY GET INTO A€ 2,000 TO £ 10,000 WITH US.

What will I have to do?

Locate the most suitable beaches based on your surfing level, certified schools by Surfland, and experiences tailored to enhance your skills.

Group 313

Capture schools, shops and surf camps

Serás el responsable de establecer contacto con las tiendas de surf de tu zona en exclusiva, ofreciéndoles más ventas y obteniendo un porcentaje de los ingresos que generen gracias a nosotros.

You probably already know you, and I would love to hear what you're going to tell them.

“What store do not want to sell more?”

Promoción de Surfland

Con Surfland, por fin podrás monetizar tu audiencia de una manera muy sencilla. Deberás ayudar a promocionar los productos de Surfland con acciones de marketing previamente aprobadas por Surfland.

Como Country Manager, tú tendrás un 5% de comisión de todas las compras y reservas que se realicen en tu región, de forma exclusiva 🙂

Don't worry! Offers of creative material if you need support on a graphic level.

Experiences surfland

Experiences surfland have as main objective to attract our audience and yours to events which are organized face-to-face.

Hemos definido 5 tipos de experiencia (Workshop, Surfcamp, Sulftrip, Festival y Película) que te proponemos que vayas organizando para mejorar tus ventas.

“A way to energize the community”

About the exclusivity

Tu participación en el proyecto es fundamental dado el carácter de exclusividad que les damos a nuestros Country Managers.

Cada Country Manager tiene asignado un país o región y comercios en exclusiva, where is responsible for meeting the objectives that we have just described, and in return receives a series of trade-offs.

The set of benefits (economic and non-economic) of which you'll find listed at the end of this presentation. You move one of them, and that is that you will earn a 5% of turnover from doing all the stores in your region.

For this reason, the exclusivity of your collaboration implies a responsibility. For Surfland is very important that you fulfill your goals.

Te pediremos que seas constante y estricto a la hora de cumplirlos. De no ser así, y muy a nuestro pesar, necesitaremos encontrar otro Country Manager que pueda hacerlo.

Obviously use common sense to understand your situation at all times, and we also expect you to do the same with Surfland!

¿Quieres ser Ambassador?


En Surfland te ofrecemos otra manera de colaborar con nosotros y es siendo Ambassador. Con Surfland, podrás ofrecer a tu audiencia experiencias, actividades, cursos y productos relacionados con el surf y los deportes marítimos. 

Como Ambassador, te daremos un código descuento para que toda tu comunidad pueda usarlo en productos Surfland. Cada mes tendrás que hacer un par de publicaciones que tendrán por objetivos la descarga, promoción o compra de productos de Surfland. ¡Eso es todo! y no te preocupes! Dispondrás de material creativo por si necesitas soporte a nivel gráfico. En Surfland valoramos mucho la la creatividad y el aporte de nuevas ideas así que siempre serán muy bienvenidas!

A practical case

Borja Agote

He is Borja Agote.
He was born 28 years ago in Donostia. Passionate about the sea, he has a YouTube channel with almost 36,000 subscribers.
His goal is to make surfing a more accessible and better sport for everyone. He comments that professional surfers no longer achieve the same return with sponsorship from brands...

Pukas Surf Eskola

And this is Pukas Surf Eskola.
Over 20 years ago, they opened a surf school in Donostia/San Sebastián. They face challenges in attracting customers to rent equipment and offer classes.

Pukas Surf Eskola

Neither Borja could monetize his audience, nor Pukas Surf Eskola could achieve the demand they would like to have...

Then, Borja visited Pukas Surf Eskola
He showed him an app with which his store could attract new customers without having to invest a single penny
Additionally, he told him that soon he would incorporate customer management and communication software.
it's also free!

Gloria and Maria

They live in Madrid and wanted to find a surf camp in the north to spend the weekend.
They used the Surfland app to check the wave forecast, booked two surfboards along with a beginner's workshop. They coincided with 25 other people who had done exactly the same.

This is a true story

The 27 people who attended the workshop enjoyed a great surfing experience, ensuring ideal conditions and without worrying about equipment, accommodation, or lessons.

Pukas Surf Eskola was delighted; now it has a platform that generates demand for them.

What is there behind from all of this?

Are you ready to make a positive impact on the surfing industry?

More benefits


This project intends to have a huge impact on each region, and you'll have the exclusive representation.


We'll give you t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items of surfing as a paraffin wax that you can offer to your audience.


We aim to be the largest surfing community of Spanish-speaking. You will meet other Ambassadors and influential people in the sector.

Brand recognition

Yes, yours! Surfland is a very ambitious project that will give a lot of visibility.

Professional videos

At the start of the collaboration will grab you in a video made by a professional recording studio.

Ready to make a positive impact on the surfing industry?